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Sending a your excess load to someone is as easy as sending a text message to them

simply enter the amount and send it to the number of the one you would like to give the load, simply change the first digit, which was always zero (09*********) to two (29*********)

Type: <amount> 
Send: 29**********

you may receive a confirmation message and simply send yes if you have initiated the share a load in a purpose, if you did not respond within 5 minutes the share a load will be cancelled and shall not share your load to your recipient.

the transaction shall charge you a peso, 
you can also share a load using the *143# simply choose the share a load on the list of actions.

Secured share a load with the use of Personal Identification Number (PIN)

with recent scams that are using the load sharing functionality of networks, Globe has uses a secure load sharing by activating an PIN to your number so, you would not accidentally send a load to someone else.

To register a PIN for your number simply;
Type: REG<space><your 4 character PIN><space><your 4-10 character PIN CLUE>
Send: 2916
Type: REG 0508 Birthday
Send : 2916

PIN - is your pin code (this can be letters and number or pure letter or number)
PIN CLUE - in case that you had forgotten your PIN you will need this to retrieve your PIN.

to send a load with PIN
Text: <amount><space><your PIN>
send: 29***********
Type: 100 0508
Send: 29*********

you may also turn off the PIN as you wish

How to Retrieve a loss or locked PIN for share a load?

simply send you clue to 2916
Type: GET<space><your 4-10 character PIN CLUE>
Send: 2916
Type: GET Birthday
Send: 2916
a share a load PIN could be blocked/locked by incorrectly entering it 3 times or more in a row.

How much can I share a load and how long would be the validity?

Load Value
Free Text
New Load Validity
P1 - 10
3 days
P11 - P50
15 days
P51 - P100
30 days
P101 - P150
45 days
75 days
120 days

Note that the P300 denomination is available to Globe Postpaid customers only. Also, effective August 9, 2014, the P500 denomination via Share-A-Load will be temporarily unavailable until further notice. You can use other denomination such as P1- P150 or P300.

if you're on Globe Prepaid or TM, you are allowed to send a maximum of 5 transactions per day, maximum of P150 per transaction.

For Postpaid customers, you will be subject to existing Share-A-Load transaction limits based on your plan.

Request for increase is free of charge but subject to credit approval.

To request, you can call our Talk2Globe Hotline at (02)730-1000 from any Landline phone, dial 211 toll-free from your Globe Mobile, or visit the nearest Globe Store.

source: Globe

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  1. How to turn of this message "Transaction failed. You have entered an invalid keyword. For info on how to Share-A-Load, txt HELP to 2916. P1/txt. TransID: 1455380240 03/26/2017 08:35PM.?"


your question is very much appreciated

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